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    Learning can have a big impact on your life and more importantly on your behavior.  That impact can be either profound or negligible, or in most cases moderately helpful.  If you want learning to have meaning and produce the desired change, you must consider three primary factors:

    1. Relevance
    2. Usefulness
    3. Emotion

    If your learning experience does not check all three of the boxes, there is little chance that it will have any impact on your job or your life. 

    • What does good learning look like to you?

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    • The Forgetting Curve

      Burn’s writes, “I like to refer to dopamine as the ‘save button’ in the brain.  When dopamine is present during an event or experience, we remember it; when it is absent, nothing seems to stick.

      The next logical question is, “How do I increase dopamine?”  According to Burns, the answer is remarkably simple and straightforward: make the information new and exciting.  For example, Burns says the best teachers are always thinking of new and exciting ways of delivering information.  “That is why you love it when your school has new text book adoptions-the novelty allows you to teach the information in a new way – which generates enthusiasm  on your part and the students…Increase novelty in a classroom and you will increase the dopamine levels of your students…Dopamine can be addictive-our goal as teachers is to get our students addicted to learning.”

      Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds , Carmine Gallo

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    • An Addiction You Want to Have... Learning!

      Learning is addictive because it’s joyful. It’s also necessary for human evolution. When you introduce a new or novel way of solving an old problem, you are tapping into millions of years of adaptation. If primitive man hadn’t been curious, we would have been extinct a long time ago.

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    • What Outcomes Do You Want to Achieve?

      A goal without a plan is just a wish...  It is time to get to the heart of the learning experience. 

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    • How Do I Realize the Defined Outcomes?

      When do I know if I have arrived at my destination? 

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    • Assessment

      How do you assess in the workplace? 

      Ms. Park's Blog: September 2011

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